Healthy Body Massage Therapy

Please choose one from the list below.

A custom blend will be made from your choice.

Eucalyptus: (Blocked sinuses and tight cough) Respiratory problems, wounds, muscle pain, mental exhaustion, dental care, skin care, diabetes, fever, intestinal germs

Frankincense: (Dry skin and wrinkles, asthma), Protects wounds against septic, fights infections, induces contractions in gums, muscles and blood vessels, removes gases, heals scars, keeps cells healthy and promotes their generation, promotes digestion, increases urination, promotes menstruation's, cures cough and cold, sedates anxiety and inflammations, tones up body, ensures good health of uterus, promotes healing of wounds

Geranium: (Oily skin and acne) Induces contractions in gums, muscles, skin and blood vessels and stops hemorrhage, heals scars and after marks, promotes growth of cells, increases urination, stops body odour, tones up body, kills intestinal other worms, heals wounds

Jasmine: (Depressive moods) Fights depression and uplifts mood, protects wounds, cures sexual weakness and increases libido, cures spasm, heals scars and after marks, gives relief from phlegm and coughs, increases breast milk, opens obstructed menstruation's and makes them regular, eases delivery and labor pain, sedates inflammations and nervous disturbances, good for uterine health

Lavender: (Nervous, insomnia and stress) Nervous system, insomnia, pain relief, urine flow, respiratory disorders, skin care, hair care, blood circulation, indigestion, immunity

Lemon: (Lack of focus and feeling"blue",warts) Protects from septic, inhibits viral & bacterial growth, strengthens gums, stops hair fall, lifts skin, induce firmness in muscles, stops hemorrhage, fights infections, cures fever, heals damages, tones body

Oregano: Inhibits viral, Bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections, heals damages done by oxidation, soothes inflammations, promotes digestion, opens up obstructed menstruation's, helps cure allergy 

Palmarosa: (Dry skin and wrinkles, unpleasant body odor) Protects against septic, inhibits viral & bacterial growth, promotes growth & regeneration of cells, facilitates digestion, reduces fever

Peppermint: (Headaches, indigestion and intestinal cramps), Pain relief, induce numbness, protects from septic, reduces milk flow, reduces discharges, relaxes spasm, strengthens gums, stops hair fall, lifts skin, induce firmness in muscles, stops hemorrhage, removes gas, good for brain & memory, promotes bile discharge, warming, clears congestion & eases breathing, opens obstructed menstruation's, expels phlegm & catarrh, reduces fever, good for liver, good for nerves, stimulates, good for stomach, promotes perspiration, contracts blood vessels, kills worms

Rose: (Dry and red skin, grief or loss), Fights depression and uplifts mood, soothes inflammation due to fever, protects wounds against septic, clears spasm, fights viral infections, enhances libido and cures sexual disorders, tightens gums, muscles and stops hemorrhage, inhibits Bacterial growth, promotes discharges and secretions, heals scars, purifies blood, opens up obstructed menses, stops hemorrhage, boosts liver health, cures constipation, cures nervous disorders, good for stomach, good for uterine health

Rosemary: (Poor concentration and poor circulation, muscular aches), Hair care, skin care, mouth care, anxiety, mental disorders, depression, pain, headache, rheumatism, respiratory problems, bronchial asthma, indigestion, flatulence

Sweet Orange: (Depressive moods or the "blues" and cellulite) Soothes inflammations, fights depressions & uplifts mood, protects against septic, enhances libido & cures sexual disorders, gives relief from gas, increases urination and removes toxins, tones up health & immune system, sedates emotional & nervous disturbances, increases discharges & secretions from glands

Tea Tree: (Acne,boils and other inflammatory infections), Inhibits Bacterial, microbial, viral & infections and kills insects, protects wounds from being septic, promotes absorption of nutrients, heals scars & after marks, cures cough & cold, stimulates functions & discharges, promotes sweating

Yang Yang: (Depression and lowering blood pressure), Fights depression & uplifts mood, stops sebum secretion, protects against septic, increases libido and cures sexual disorders, reduces blood pressure, cures nervous disorders, sedates inflammations & nervous afflictions